Lots of people will be happy printing one out, making copies, and distributing to colleagues. They are also great fun to customize - for instance, you can:
  • color it
  • laminate it
  • make posters out of it
  • use it as clip art in electronic documents
Here's how I got through my last two years of teaching, with shields on my teacher "workstation" and the classroom chalkboard:
02-27-12 Words to live by Data Shields up for the summer, because you just never know...

Some would prefer to actually wear or drink from a Teacher Data Shield:
(see the CafePress listing for these and more)

You get the idea. If you'd like to share a picture of your own Teacher Data Shield in action, please send one via email, leave a comment here, or post it to the Facebook page! Would be happy to share with others!

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